• Software
    We utilize modern technolgy to build beautiful and fucntional software. Software which can reduce your daily manual work and the overhead cost.
  • Consultation
    We provide consultation services to get you going in your business. You can get consultation on software optamization, infrastructure, cloud services, in-house network systems etc.
  • Cloud Computing
    Be it high availability(HA) or scaling your application, cloud is always the best choice to start with. Let us help you build an infrastructure in the cloud to suit your business needs.
  • Websites
    We also provide services to build beautiful websites and help you deploy wherever you like. Swatian Software Works can help in server setup(Linux), ssl certificate configuration, domain management.
  • Android
    Are you in need of a native application for Android mobile platform, you are in the right place. Contact us to discuss more about Android applications.
  • Office Suite
    If you run a business then you definitely ran into issues like collaboration, files sharing etc. Swatian Software Works can install the right cloud and sharing platform for you to fulfill your business requirements e.g: NextCloud.


IMS - Inventory Management System

IMS is a web app built to reduce the paper work which can be misplaced and have consequences on your business.

We have built IMS from scratch catering to your needs to store your data. The best part is it can be deployed on your local PC with the help of a virtual machine and does not need any modifications on your PC. It can be deployed on the cloud too, so you can have access to your data on the go.

IMS provides analytics for sales, product information, backup database, multiple categories, user management, shops/customer management and many more features for daily use of a business.


GitNex - Android Application

GitNex is a free/paid Android native client for Git repository management tool Gitea. GitNex is an open source application and everyone who want to contribute are welcome. You can contribute via code, documentation/wiki, test the bleeding edge builds before release.

If you are a developer and use git on daily basis, it's time to use Gitea code management application. Gitea is written in Go language and can be self hosted too on a small server for your team.



Along the way we have built many websites for clients and users who has a keen eye for better UI and UX. And without backend or APIs no website is complete to operate unless you are going for a static website either be HTML or utilize Hugo/Jekyll as static site generator.

We currently manage and maintain our own set of websites like The Random Bits, Amir Autos and GitNex etc, including this site you are currently viewing.


Little bit About us

We have experience of over 10 years in what we do and we know what matters most to you. Trust is a core value of Swatian Software Works. We build trust and let the flow take care of everything. Your business means business for us, so that we can work together and achieve the goal we are aiming for.

We have worked with cloud providers like AWS, Linode, Digital Ocean, Vultr, Upcloud, Hetzner and many more to deploy applications and maintain them for our clients.

Drop us a line

We would love to have a session with you over a tea/coffee(virtual if needed) and discuss about technology, your business and how to improve your work style.
Contact us and say hi!, we won't disappoint promise.